Trisporin suspension

Form: Suspension
Dosage: 1000mg
Packaging: Powder for oral suspension 100 ml

Trisporin is an oral 3rd generation cefalosporin

Active substance :  cefdinir

Form : Powder for oral suspension.  Strawberry and cream  flavour

Dosage : 5ml of suspension contains 125 mg of cefdinir

Packaging  :  bottle of 100 ml with 65 g of powder to prepare the suspension

Target : Children between 6 months and 12 y

Trisporin® suspension is indicated for pediatric patients:

  • Acute otitis media
  • Acute maxillary sinusitis
  • Angina / tonsillitis
  • Uncomplicated skin infections

Paediatric patients ≥ 43 kg should receive the maximum daily dose of 600 mg.

A single daily administration for 10 days is as effective as a twice daily administration.

From the age of 13 years, the tablet form of Trisporin is recommended for children.

Prescription drugs. Please contact your doctor.