On August 27, 2020, Dafra Pharma launched its “Excellence Dafra” project which it established in collaboration with the Junior Chamber International (JCI) of the Togolese Republic. On behalf of Dafra Pharma, our Sales Director in Western Africa, Franck Mondedji, expressed his support for the association of medical students, odonto pharmacy and JCI during a press conference at the University of Lomé in Togo. This conference was meant as the kick off of a competition among the students.

Togo 2.0

Togo 3.0

Après la réussite de deux premières éditions, l’équipe Dafra Pharma Togo, la JCI Togo en collaboration avec l’école nationale des auxiliaires médicaux et l’école nationale des sages-femmes ont organisé la 3ème édition du concours Excellence Dafra. Cette année, elle s’est concentrée sur les écoles de formation des paramédicaux. Ci-dessous, vous trouverez une vidéo de la finale qui a eu lieu le mois dernier. Un grand coup d’applaudissements pour la championne Déborah Djegnon!

Saturday, August 20, 2022, the semi-final of the 3rd edition of the eloquence contest ‘Excellence Dafra’ was held in Togo. A total of 13 candidates were competing on the theme ‘medicine in the era of high cost of living: case of paramedics’. Only three candidates were able to continue the march. These finalists will compete against each other in the grand finale! A big round of applause for all the participants!

Togo 4.0

Saturday May 13 marked the start of the 4th edition of Excellence Dafra in Kara, Togo, with the aim of “promoting the culture of excellence among students from Togo’s two universities in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry”. Excellence Dafra focuses on medical and laboratory knowledge and is divided into two categories, namely medical genius and eloquence. Good luck to all participants! Curious to find out how the launch of the 4th edition of Excellence Dafra, a competition initiated to reward the best students of the Faculties of Science and Health (FSS), in Togo, went? Discover it in the following news clip:

Ivory Coast

On April 23, 2021,  the first edition of Excellence Dafra in Ivory Coast will start. It’s a competition where the best students of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Felix Houphouët Boigny University of Cocody are rewarded.

On August 13, 2021, the award ceremony for the winners of Excellence Dafra in Ivory Coast took place. Curious to get to know the 5 winners? Take a look at the fragment of the RTI 2 broadcast!

Ivory Coast 2.0

On September 30, the Excellence Dafra project in Ivory Coast was concluded at the IVOTEL Hotel. In the company of several personalities from the health sector, including the director of communications of the Ministry of Health and the national director of INFAS, the various winners were rewarded for their hard work! It was an unforgettable edition!


Excellence DAFRA is a project of Dafra Pharma in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Buea. This project aims at the improvement of the culture of excellence in medical training. Dafra Pharma therefore supports the promotion of excellence in medical training.

Cameroon 2.0

Cameroon 3.0

On May 10, the launch of the third edition of Excellence Dafra in Cameroon took place. This third edition will focus on the training of midwives, for the benefit of the Douala School of Midwifery 🤰🏾👶🏾🍼. Find out in the following video 🎥 how the launch of this interesting and instructive program took place:


Friday 28th January 2022, the winners of the eloquence, medical engineering and scientific communication competition were crowned at the University of Cotonou in Benin. Congratulations to all participants! Watch the report below.



The general objective of the “Excellence Dafra” project is to contribute to the emergence of a medical elite through the culture of excellence among health science students on the one hand, and to make the Dafra Pharma laboratory known on the other.

Mali 2.0


This year, the Dafra Pharma team in Congo-Brazzaville is organising the first edition of Excellence Dafra. Supervisor Destin Okombi is already very satisfied with the successful launch that took place at the end of September. Watch his interview with EàDTV CONGO below.