Pico roller

Form: Roller
Dosage: 20% Deet
Packaging: Bottle of 60 ml

High-quality mosquito repellent

Active substance:

  • DEET (diethyltoluamide)
  • extracts derived from lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils
  • added polymers that increase the effectiveness by limiting the evaporation and absorption of DEET

Form and packaging:

Pico spray: 50 ml spray (50% DEET concentration)

Pico stick: 20 ml stick/barrel (10% DEET concentration)

Pici roller : tube with application device (20% DEET concentration)

Target :

Pico spray: Adults and children from 6 years

Pico stick : Adults and children from 3 years

Pico roller : Adults and children

Pico (all forms) is a highly effective insect repellent used to protect against mosquito bites that combines the effectiveness and safety of DEET (the best synthetic repellent)  and the long range and high volatility of natural repellents.

Pico is applied to the parts of the body to be protected.

The degree of protection will depend on factors such as sweating, swimming, wiping, etc., but the application should be repeated at least every 6 hours.

No more than 3 applications per day.

Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and mucous membranes.

Do not apply in case of skin allergy.

Do not apply to the face and hands of young children (risk of ingestion).

Over-the-counter drug