Form: Creme
Dosage: 15g
Packaging: Tube 15 g

Active substance:   Isoconazole – Diflucortolone

Form : Hydrophilic Cream for skin application (excellent penetration in the skin)

Dosage : Each gram of cream contains 10 mg isoconazole nitrate and 1 mg diflucortolone valerate.

Packaging :  Box with 1 tube of cream (15 g of cream)

Target : adults, adolescents  et children

Initial or interim treatment of superficial fungal infections of the skin which are accompanied by highly inflammatory (redness -swelling – pain – burning sensation) or eczematous skin conditions, e.g. in the region of the hands, the interdigital spaces of the feet and in the inguinal and genital regions.

Duoskin should be applied twice daily to the diseased areas of skin.

To treat the affected interdigital spaces in the fingers and toes, it is often recommended to apply a gauze compress coated with Duoskin between the fingers or toes.

Treatment with Duoskin must be terminated after regression of the inflammatory or eczematous skin conditions or at the latest after 2 weeks.

The combination of the antifungal with the corticosteroid reinforces the action and will make the inflammatory symptoms disappear faster. In order to obtain a complete cure it is necessary to continue the antifungal treatment until the mycosis is eradicated.

Prescription drugs. Please contact your doctor.