Dafrazol 28 capsules

Form: Capsules
Dosage: 20mg
Packaging: 28 capsules for oral use

Active substance :  omeprazole

Form : capsules with gastro-resistant micro pellets

Dosage par capsule :  20 mg

Packaging :  Box with blister of 7 capsules.

14 capsules box (2 blisters) / 28 capsules box (4 blisters)

Target : Adults ,adolescents and  children > 1 y ( ≥ 10 kg)


  • Treatment and prevention of of duodenal / gastric ulcers
  • In combination with appropriate antibiotics, Helicobacter pylori eradication in peptic ulcer disease
  • Treatment and long term management of reflux oesophagitis (GERD)
  • Treatment of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Children >1 y and  ≥ 10 kg

  • Treatment of reflux oesophagitis
  • Symptomatic treatment of heartburn and acid regurgitation in gastro-oesophageal reflux disease Children > 4 y and  adolescents

In combination with antibiotics in treatment of duodenal ulcer caused by H. pylori

Adults :

The recommended dose is Dafrazol 20 mg once daily.

In cases of refractory disease the dosage may be increased to two capsules of Dafrazol 20 mg once daily.

In the treatment of ulcers due to Helicobacter pylori infection, an appropriate antibiotic therapy should be added

Children de plus d’un an et d’un poids ≥ 10 kg

10 to 20 kg: 10 mg/day (half the content of a capsule) – max 20 mg/day

+ 20 kg: 20 mg/day (max 40 mg/day)

As from 30 kg : Adult posology

Dafrazol capsules should be taken in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach, and swallowed whole with half a glass of water. The capsules should not be chewed or crunched. For patients with swallowing difficulties and children, the capsules may be opened and the contents swallowed with half a glass of water or after mixing with a slightly acidic food such as fruit juice, applesauce or non-carbonated water. Enteric-coated granules should not be chewed.

Prescription drugs. Please contact your doctor.