Co-Artesiane 120 ml

Form: Suspension
Dosage: 120ml
Packaging: Powder for oral suspension 120 ml

Active substance: artemether – lumefantrine

Form: Powder for oral suspension


After reconstitution Co-Artesiane contains a fixed dose combination of

– artemether: 3mg/ml

– lumefantrine: 18 mg/ml


Box containing a bottle for the preparation of 60 ml or 120 ml of drinkable suspension and a graduated measure Co-Artesiane 60 ml: Total content of 180mg arthemether and 1080mg lumefantrine

Co-Artesiane 120 ml: Total content of 360 mg arthemether and 2160mg lumefantrine

After reconstitution, the suspension has a yellow colour and a pleasant coconut taste appreciated by children

Target: children (> 5 kg)

Co-Artesiane is intended for paediatric use, but the product can also be used by adults.

Co‐Artesiane is indicated for the treatment of malaria in children.

CO-ARTESIANE® suspension has been specially designed for children. The dosage depends on the severity of the case and the clinical condition of the patient: usually 4 mg artemether/kg body weight in combination with lumefantrine per day.

This dose will be taken for three consecutive days.

The daily dose is given as a single dose.

Simplified scheme: child’s weight (kg) x 1.5 = the amount (in ml) of Co-Artesiane per dose

Note: To avoid relapse, it is necessary to complete the full three-day course of treatment. If vomiting occurs within 30 minutes of taking the suspension, the full dose should be administered. If vomiting occurs within one hour of taking the suspension, half a dose should be administered.

Consult the scientific information leaflet for the dosage schedule.

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