Co-Arinate adult

Form: Tablets
Dosage: Adult
Packaging: 3 tablets

Active substance:  artesunate – sulfamethoxypyrazine/pyrimethamine (SMP) as a fixed dose combination

Form : tablets

Dose per tablet :

Co-Arinate Enfant :  100 mg artesunate, 250 mg sulfamethoxypyrazine and 12,5 mg pyrimethamine.

Co-Arinate Adulte :  200 mg artesunate, 500 mg sulfamethoxypyrazine and 25 mg  pyrimethamine.

Packaging :  Box with 3 tablet blisters

Target :

Co-Arinate Junior :  children from  9kg to  35 kg (  1 up to 13 y)

Co-Arinate Adult :  adults and bigger children ( >35kg) (14 y and older)

Further dose adaptations may be necessary for adults > 80 kg.

Co‐Arinate® is used as curative treatment for all forms of malaria, including severe malaria caused by multi drug‐resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum.

The dose for this treatment is based on body weight at 4 mg / kg of Artesunate

combined with Sulfamethoxypyrazine and Pyrimethamine.

Three consecutive intakes of this dose must be given during 48 hours:

  • A first tablet is taken upon confirmation of malaria diagnosis (at Time 0)
  • A second tablet is taken 24 hours later
  • The final tablet is taken after a further 24 hours have passed; therefore there is an interval of 24 hours between doses which must be adhered to.

To avoid relapse, the full course of treatment should be completed.

If vomiting occurs within 30 minutes of taking the tablet, the full dose should be re-administered.

If vomiting occurs within one hour, half a dose should be re-administered.

Prescription drugs. Please contact your doctor.