Artesiane ampoules 80 mg

Form: IM injection
Dosage: 80mg/ml
Packaging: 5 ampoules

Active substance: artemether

Form: Solution for injection (Intramuscular use)


Artesiane 20 mg: 20 mg/ml – ampoule of 1 ml

Artesiane 40 mg: 40 mg/ml – ampoule of 1 ml

Artesiane 80 mg: 80 mg/ml – ampoule of 1 ml

Artesiane 100 mg: 100 mg/ml – ampoule of 1 ml


Artesiane 300 mg: 100 mg/ml – ampoule of 3 ml


Packaging: Box continent:

Artesiane 20 mg: 10 ampoules

Artesiane 40 mg: 10 ampoules

Artesiane 80 mg: 5 ampoules

Artesiane 100 mg:  10 ampoules


Artesiane 300 mg: Box -ready to use kit with 1 ampoule, 1 syringe with needle and 1 pre-injection

cleansing swab.


ARTESIANE® ampoules are self-breakable: No complicated handling


Artesiane 20 mg and Artesiane 40 mg: pediatric use

Artesiane 80 mg: pediatric and adult use

Artesiane 100 mg and Artesiane 300:  adult use

Artesiane is indicated for the treatment of malaria in children and in adults caused
by all species of Plasmodium, including severe malaria caused by multiple drug
resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum

– In the treatment of severe malaria
– In pre-transfer treatment.
– In the treatment of simple malaria if the application of an oral form is difficult or impossible.

It is recommended that treatment of severe malaria with Artesiane needs to be followed by a full course of an effective oral ACT.

Solution for intramuscular injection for children and adults:

The dosage depends on the severity of the case and the clinical state of the

patient. It is a weight-based dosage, to be administered once a day for 5 consecutive days


Starting (loading) dose:  3,2 mg/kg body weight as a single intramuscular injection on the first day.

Maintenance dose: 1.6 mg/kg/day administered as intramuscular injection once a day during the following four days.


Maintenance treatment can also be continued by oral artemisinin-based

combination therapy (ACT), if the patient’s condition does not require injections.

A full course therapy of five days is essential in order to avoid recrudescence.


In case of severe malaria, it may be necessary to increase the loading dose and

to prolong treatment for seven days if parasitaemia is not cleared during the

first 5 days.



The solvent used for Artesiane is fractionated coconut oil (mygliol)

– less viscous

– easier to aspirate and inject

– less painful

– more predictable effect – good bioavailability

Prescription drugs. Please contact your doctor.

25 Years of Dafra Pharma

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25 Years of Dafra Pharma

- Since 1997 -