Amifer Forte

Form: Tablets
Dosage: 100mg
Packaging: 30 tablets

Active substance:  Elemental Iron – Vit B9 (Folic Acid)

Form: filmcoated tablets

Dosage per tablet:

  • 100 mg elemental Iron
  • 0,350 mg Folic Acid.

Packaging: box with 30 filmcoated tablets.

Target: adolescents and adults who prefer tablets over a Syrup

AMIFER® Forte is an iron supplement

AMIFER® Forte is used to prevent and correct iron deficiency before and during stage of the iron deficiency anemia.

Amifer Forte is also indicated in the prevention and treatment of iron and folic acid deficiency during pregnancy and lactation.

The recommended normal dose for Amifer Forte Film coated tablet is 1 tablet a day.

If deemed appropriate by the physician, 1 tablet may be taken two times a day.

Over-the-counter drug