To improve the public health in Sub-Saharan Africa, Dafra Pharma markets medicines and health solutions complying with the highest quality standards. The continuous scientific and technical training of our sales force contributes to the recognition of our company as a reliable partner in our extensive network.


Meeting medical needs

Founded as an anti malaria company in 1997, Dafra Pharma has expanded its range of products since 2008 to meet the medical needs of the African population. We will continue to expande our range of drugs over the next few years.

Focus on teamwork

Our strong, enthusiastic, dynamic and open minded team reflects the key values of Dafra Pharma as a global pharmaceutical company: expertise, reliability, quality and trust. Our employees faces challenges with honesty, expertise and perseverance, respecting the unique identity of our customers, listening to their needs and meeting or exceeding their expectations.

A partnership of trust and appreciation

Dafra Pharma is constantly on the lookout for new partnerships with innovative healthcare companies willing to enter or expand their presence in the sub-Saharan region.