Our distribution centre is based in Schelle, Belgium. This Distribution Centre is responsible for the warehousing and guarantees the constant flow of goods to our African export markets.

Our Customer Care department, as well as Business Performance (Sales & Marketing) department are based in Turnhout, Belgium.

Operating from the Belgian headquarters and by putting in place the Belgian distribution centre, Dafra Pharma brings reliable, high quality medicines within reach of people in more than 30 sub-Saharan countries. Our local presence in more than 30 sub-Saharan countries ensures high service levels.

Colour code for our local presence on the map:

  • Green: In these countries Dafra Pharma has an office and a self-owned operational sales force.
  • Yellow: In these countries we work with an agent. Our brands are represented by a sales force owned by the local agent.

Notice of Trademark Infringement

Dear valued partners, customers and Dafra representatives,

It has come to our attention that unauthorized use of our company’s name and logo has been observed in various contexts in the African country Togo (https://www.dafrapharma-vet.com/). In order to avoid misunderstandings, ever misleading, we feel it is imperative to address this issue promptly and transparently.

Trademark infringement poses a significant threat not only to our brand integrity but also to the trust and credibility we have worked diligently to establish within our community. Our name and logo represent our values, quality, and commitment to excellence, and any unauthorized use undermines these principles.

We take trademark infringement seriously and are actively taking measures to address any instances of unauthorized use. This includes legal action against parties found to be infringing upon our intellectual property rights.

We urge our customers, partners, African representatives and the general public to remain vigilant and report any suspected instances of trademark infringement directly to us. Your cooperation in this matter is crucial in helping us protect our brand and preserve the integrity of our business.

As always, we remain dedicated to providing high quality medical solutions in the sub-Sahara region of Africa and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our company.

Dafra Pharma