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We, at Dafra Pharma, are concerned about privacy issues and want to inform you about how information is gathered on our website and what we intend using it for. Therefore, we created this Privacy policy for Dafra Pharma International N.V., owner of


By using the information and services on, you agree with our privacy policy and the conditions included.

What personal information do we collect? uses different technologies to trace website visitors, visitor behaviour and which pages are visited. This is a usual way of working for websites, as this information can be used to improve the general visitor's experience. The information, which we gather by using cookies, are IP-addresses, browser type and the visited website pages. We also monitor first website visitors and from which pages they start searching. We gather and treat this information anonymously and this is not linked to any other personal information.

In compliance with regulations, we cannot provide detailed product information, nor make any kinds of promotion about our prescription drugs on our public website. Therefore, we created a special section on our website to inform our Healthcare Partners, as well as to support Healthcare Professionals in their daily practice. Any promotional information of our prescription drugs is not visible on our public website. To access the Healthcare Professional Website, you should be a doctor. Therefore, you have to provide following information: Title, Surname, First Name, Profession, Specialty, City, Country and E-mail address. We have to require this information to make sure only Healthcare Professionals access this part of our website.

We also use the personal information gathered by the “contact us” section on our website.

(We have created a special part where you can subscribe to our newsletter or require further information about specific products.)

How and why do we collect this information?

The collected infoirmation is used to improve your user experience on our website (e.g. cookies and browser history) and to comply with regulations concerning health care products.

Is this information shared or sold? If so, with whom?

None of the gathered information is shared with third-parties.

Cookies uses cookies on the website. Cookies gather information on the pages visited by the visitors of the website, to follow up returned visits to the website and to check which pages are favourite by the visitors. We also gather the information shared by the browser.

Disable cookies

You can choose to disable cookies on our website. You can do this by disabling the cookies in your browser.


If you require more information or if you have questions about the Privacy Policy of Dafra Pharma International N.V. and more specific, you can always contact us by e-mail: